Top 15 Netflix instant q movies to watch this Halloween season

October 29, 2009

Want to watch some sweet horror movies this Halloween, but can’t stomach watching Leprochaun 86 times on cable? And you don’t want to pay 4 bucks a rental at your local Bankbuster? Well, I…Zach Gaskell, have your solution. Netflix instant Q. I made a list of the best horror movies you can watch instantly on Netflix. (If you’re like me and have an HDMI cable that can link from your computer to your plasma tv…this is pretty sweet) So here we go…in no particular order, I wrote them down as I found them. Oh..and 1 other thing..I love B if you don’t like B might not like this list.

1-Night of the Living Dead (1968)




5-Laid to Rest



8-Dance of the Dead

9-Blood Sucking Freaks

10-Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

11-Dead and Breakfast


13-Evil Dead

14-Spider Baby

15-The Signal


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October 29, 2009

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